Tuesday, April 22, 2008

fine art

I think fine art is anything that makes a person be creative like dance, cinema, and painting. It is for an audience to interprtate or just to have fun and enjoy it. or it dosnt have to be for an audience at all it could be for the artist alone. I think all art has a place in the world because we should all be able to express ourselfs.

Friday, March 7, 2008

James Blunt

Kimberly Bowling
James Blunt - “Goodbye My Lover”
Critical Two
For my choice of music I decided on a song called “Goodbye My Lover” by a man called James Blunt. The song is four minutes and eighteen seconds long. James Blunt used to be a British Army Officer. He reached the rank of Captain and worked with NATO peacekeeping force in Kosovo. James Blunt was born in England in 1974 to a family that also had a long history of military service. Later James Blunt decided to pursue his dream of a pop career and he was successful. He is known for his contemporary soft rock. His big hit was called “Your Beautiful” which was off of his 2005 album “Back to Bedlam” I decided on this song because my gut reaction to it was that it was beautiful and that it has a lovly message that lots of people can relate too. So what is the purpose of James Blunts song “Goodbye My Lover”?
The structure of the song is a verse, the chorus, another verse, the chorus again, and then another verse and then the chorus one last time. The song does not fade out like some songs do it just ends. The only instruments that are included in the song is a piano. I think the melody of the song is very soothing and slow. The harmony is also slow its not very stimulating like a fast song would be. The rhythm is also slow paced. I think the tempo is middle paced because I know of songs that are slower in tempo. This song isn’t really something that can be danced to say in a club. But you could slow dance to it. James Blunt voice is not the typical manly voice that most people expect. It can at times be high pitched. He keeps his vocal tone pretty constant through out the whole song apart from a couple of times that he seems to be singing about something which is important to him.
When I listen to this song I think the first verse is all about James Blunt asking someone (going to assume it is a women) if he disappointed her or if he should feel guilty because, from the very beginning he could see that they were not going to last but, he felt that he had won because he got to be with her anyway. And now even though it is over he is still there for her. He tells her she changed his life and affected his goals. He tells her that he has been addicted to her. The chorus is all about him saying goodbye to her and letting her know that she has been the one for him. The second verse is all about him telling her that she doesn’t break him during the day but she has a hold on his dreams. He want her to remember him as she is moving on through out her life and he tells her that if things would have been different he would be the father of her child right now. And that he would spend his whole life with her. He says that now they are fine and that he still loves her. The third verse tells her that he still holds her hand when he sleeps and that his soul will be filled in time when he is knelling at her feet. But right now he feels empty. What I take away from this is a beautiful but sad love story. But it is something which I can relate to and it is very comforting to know that other people go through the same things.
I think this song is very good. It is beautiful and makes me feel all kind of emotions. I also think that this song is so good because I think a lot of people can relate. I think a lot of people have had that one love that didn’t work out and that one person that you will always think about. I actually thought I had the whole song figured out before I started analyzing it. But as I was listening to it all kinds of questions came into my mind like is the girl dead? Did he know it was going to end because she was ill? Is James Blunt really singing this to someone? So what is the purpose of James Blunts song “Goodbye My Lover” I think it is a song for everyone who had that one person who made them think of the what if questions. That one person they still dream about
.James Blunt - Goodbye My Lover (Album Version)

Friday, February 29, 2008


The three songs i chose from NPR are

Alanis morissete - Jagged little pill.

M.I.A- Kala

The Decemberists - Clementine

Thursday, February 28, 2008

music as highest form

I really beleive that music is one of the highest art forms! Music can be so powerful. It has been a big part of my life and still is. Music can put me in a great mood even if i am having the worse day. I really think that you can tell what kind of mood someone is in just by listing to the music that they are listening to at the time. So i think at times it can be spirtually identifying. For example if i am having a bad day i might listen to danial powters song bad day! and it makes me feel great again. Music helps our emotions gives us strength when we need it or when we are sad just helps us to feel for example at someone funerals we may listen to sad music. Musis has the power to make us dance, laugh, be angry or sad that is why i think music is the highest art form.I could not imagine a world without music.I was glad to see romeo and juliet on the list because it includes what i think is one of the most touching songs and when i watched it with that song it just made it so much more emotional the song is called kissing you by a women called Des'ree. It just made the sene even more powerful!

week 6

I found a article that is called "Heroes of Horticuture" Horticulture meaning the cultivation of a garden or the cultivation of flowers, vegatables, fruits, or any other plants. Its from our country because a lot of different states have done press coverage on the story. Its all about all of the horticultures features that surround everyone and what it reminds us about our countrys past. Therefore what this article is all about is persiving those horticulture featues that has been around during the beggining of our culture. I beleive this is happening to make people more aware of our past culture www.tclf.org/landslide/2007/index.html. Almost everywhere in our country we find a park that is helping with the cultural needs of our community. For example central park gives to the young even though around them they are surrounded by hugh bulidings.

Friday, February 8, 2008

eco friendly

Wright always claimed that he liked to build organic architeture that he liked to seem like it was natuarly growing out of the landscape an example is the massaro house that is beuatiful and was actually built after frank wright died. The huts that the natives lived in and the cave dewellings of the rock inhibitors were the best eco friendly builings around because it was all natural. In some places like africa shelter is still built this way. Gaundi like to use nature as his guide. he liked to use trees in his work and also tiles.When i look at some of his work i think of things to do with nature. For example his building sagradam familia looks amazing it looks as if it is made out of wood. Today there are webites advertising buildings that are made more enviromently friendly. They are including features like solar heating so peoples homes can be heated up natuarlly. One that i thought was a really good idea was rainwater catchment. The houses are made so the rainwater us catched and then used for driking, washing ect. Apparently a lot of todays artitectures are looking for ways for houses to be built more eco friendly. such as making houses out dirt. Im not to sure about the dirt aspect but as for collecting rainwater and solar heating i think these are great ideas! and all eco friendly.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Kimberly Bowling
Critical Analysis One
I decided to do my paper on Relativity by an artist called M.C. Escher. The date that it was created was in 1953 and it was done by woodblock print. The size of the original print was 11x12inches or 28x29cm. M.C. Escher’s full name is Maurits Cornelis Escher. He was born in 1898. He spent most of his life in Rome and he died in 1972. He was one of the worlds most famous graphic artists. During his lifetime he also designed murals, pictures for books, and postage stamps. My gut reaction to this piece was “What is going on here” So what is going on here?
When you first look at it, it just looks like a bit of a mess. The first thing I noticed was the stairs, there are stairs everywhere and they are not only going in one direction there in all directions and there is a set of steps on both sides of the staircases. Where every there is a set of stairs there is also a banister just like all staircases have. There are also arches everywhere there are some big ones that might be like windows and there are small ones like doors. There is also the occasional plant around. There are a lot of what look like, wooden people with no face going up and down the stairs, there is one looking over a banister, and there is one sitting on a bench, and there is even one sitting outside at a table. Some are also carrying what looks like jars up and down the stairs. There is also trees through the big arches. The artwork is also in black and white, there is no color. The main aspects I seem to focus on when I am looking at it is there is one person coming out of stairs that are built into the wall that suggests to me that this maze has a whole other level maybe its endless?
When I look at this artwork I see some sort of a maze and these statues carrying out normal stuff like sitting at a table of carrying objects around and talking to one another and I think that maybe it means that through everyday activities people sometimes get lose their path and get lost in what they are trying to accomplish in life.
When I first looked at the artwork I was intrigued that is why I chose it in the first place but, the more I look at it, the more I get confused but, I still believe the work is good because it really made me want to look at it in the beginning. However it is not something I would want to look at all the time. So, out of a ten I would give it an eight. I would love to see it in real life because it is a woodblock print so I think it may have a bit more texture then it shows on the internet. I think it does communicate a message but not the same for everyone. When my dad looked at it and I asked him what he thought he said “No matter how we try not everyone will reach the top” I think this type of artwork would have the greatest impact on younger adults because its just different from your everyday portraits and landscapes. Therefore, it would grab their attention more and make them think about what is going on. If I was to sell the artwork for the artist I would price it around two hundred dollars because it looks like the artist put work into it and it is something everyone can look at and come up with a different interpretation. I also think it is a unique because like I have already said most artists do portraits and landscapes so this one really sticks out. So what is going on with this artwork? I looked up the title in the dictionary and got a couple of responses the one that stuck out was “dependence of a mental state or process upon the nature of the human mind” So I think the artist was saying it could mean what ever your mind makes up.